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Broward Flooding Dislocated Worker Grant Job Order Form

The focus of the temporary disaster-related employment will be to provide recovery and humanitarian assistance to individuals and businesses impacted by the disaster and assist with clean-up and restoration activities at public and private facilities and in distressed communities. The types of disaster-relief employment activities allowable may include: moving, storing, and distributing food, medicine, and other supplies; providing assistance to individuals that are homebound because of the emergency; staffing of medical and satellite facilities to assist with overload, intake, facility/home repairs, water removal, etc.; organizing and coordinating recovery, quarantine, or other related activities; and case management of individuals affected by the emergency to assess needs and help access resources. Clean-up and recovery activities may include restoration of government facilities, non-profit organiztions, and provate businesses and houses impacted by the flooding. Worksites needing workers to do the above work must be non-profit organizations.

You must complete one form for every type of job. Currently, the maximum is 5 workers per employer worksite.


Agency Name:
City: State: Zip:

Contact Person:
Telephone #: Fax #:
E-mail Address:


The wages paid to temporary disaster-relief workers must be consistent with the wages of the supervising entity's other employees, permanent or temporary, performing the same or similar work.
Job Title (It is recommended that you use the words "Disaster-Relief" in the job title.):

Hourly Wage Minimum: $ ($15.00 minimum, please.)

Hourly Wage Maximum: $
(Minimum and maximum wage range can not be the same amount and will cause this job order not to be accepted until corrected.)

Is the rate of compensation for this position the same as employees who are working in similar occupations within your organization and who have similar training and experience?

Work Schedule - Days of the week:

Hours each day: From     To

Total Hours Per Week (Up to 30 hours):

Preferred start date:     Projected end date (Not to exceed 12 months):


Please write the job description for this position:
The following are examples of allowable duties to help you when crafting the job description for this position:
  • Water removal, remediation, facility/home repairs and restoration.
  • Projects that provide food, clothing, shelter, and other humanitarian assistance for disaster victims.
  • Loading, unloading, packing, delivering food and emergency supplies (may include truck-driving).
  • Delivering to and/or shopping for necessary food and emergency supplies for home bound individuals.
  • Increasing volunteer and/or employee slots when governmental and nonprofit agencies face an increased workload due to the emergency (e.g., 211, Guardian ad Litem, hospitals, food distribution centers, nursing homes, domestic abuse shelters).
  • Health care professionals and aides.
  • Positions to assess needs and provide assistance and resources to individuals affected by the emergency.
  • Sanitation workers.
  • Helping set up quarantine areas and providing assistance to quarantined individuals.
  • Organizing and coordinating recovery, quarantine, or other related activities.
How are the job duties for the temporary disaster-relief position providing disaster-relief assistance to individuals and facilities affected by the disaster or emergency (e.g., 2023 April mass flooding)?

Job location(s) if different from above address:

Worksite supervisor(s) if different from above contact and known at this time:

Number of this Type of Position Needed:

Why does the worksite agency need temporary disaster-relief workers rather than using their own resources? (check all that apply)

Is this position (or any of the positions) replacing someone who was being paid for the same work in your organization prior to the 2023 April flooding in Broward County, but was laid off or furloughed because of the disaster?

Education Level Required:

Type of Experience Required:

Required Skills, Licenses, etc.:

Is there safety training or OSHA training needed for the job?
If yes, please describe:

Other Requirements or Information:

Supplies required:

Dress code or uniforms needed (e.g., steel-toed boots required):


What type of equipment will the participant be using?

Does the above worksite(s) need any equipment to repair, restore, remediate, etc. the damages caused by the flooding, which currently are not available?
If "Yes," please briefly describe below.

Will the participant be working off the ground (e.g., on a ladder, climbing trees, etc.)?
If yes, how high off the ground? feet

Is there a need for the participant to operate a vehicle?
If yes, what type of vehicle?

Does the job require any of the following: (check all that apply)

Has this employer worksite requested or been awarded funds from another government agency (.e.g., FEMA, HUD, SAMHSA, etc.) for the positions identified in this job order.

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An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.